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Why innovation challenge design is important and how to do it?

Posted by Matti Pihlajamaa on 27/06/19 10:17

Succeeding in innovation is crucial for the competitiveness of organizations of all sizes. Organizing innovation challenges (also known as innovation contest, innovation competition, idea contest and idea competition) is a widely used method for collecting innovative ideas that help companies reach their strategic goals.

Why some organizations can over and over again succeed in attracting contributors to participate in their challenges? Why some teams exceed their objectives consistently? What sets successful ones apart from mediocre ones? The answer is simple: thoughtful challenge design.

An effective innovation challenge attracts the right minds to work on a well-defined problem. Successful challenge design hits the mark in three core components: defining a suitable challenge question, brief and evaluation criteria. Let’s take a look at what latest trends in challenges are and how the best ones are designed.

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Overcoming 3 common obstacles to innovation

Posted by Christoffer Winquist on 03/09/15 17:16

Have you felt that people in the company have good ideas or potential that is not being utilized? Have you struggled with how ideas should be collected and implemented? Innovation doesn’t happen just because you implement an innovation funnel or start using a tool for collecting ideas. Processes and tools are often required to support innovation, but the work of changing how people think and act remains. We will focus on three typical obstacles in innovation that companies face when seeking good concepts to implement:

  1. getting useful ideas from the organization,
  2. idea development, and
  3. a note on idea process discipline.
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