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How to Prepare For and Conduct a Brainstorming Session

Posted by Orvo Kärkkäinen on 30/06/21 12:21

No matter the size or sector of your organization, you have most likely engaged in some type of brainstorming session. We are living in an increasingly competitive world, where small startups and huge corporations are looking for more market share.

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Topics: Best Practise, Brainstorming

Rules for brainstorming success

Posted by Jouni Halme on 29/03/21 12:20

Ideation is critical for innovation. And when it comes to rapid ideation, nothing works better than brainstorming. The most innovative companies depend on a healthy flow of new ideas to push their innovation efforts. If you will unlock higher creativity and innovation in your enterprise, you must also be able to encourage a steady flow of ideas to tackle unique problems.

A brainstorming session is a tool that allows you quickly find plenty ideas or solutions to a problem. The ideas generated are not required to be the best or even have the highest chances of execution. The goal of the session is to find plenty ideas, which will then usually form a basis for even better solutions.

While brainstorming works best unhindered, it is also most effective when guided by simple brainstorming rules that help you make the most of the process. Here are some rules that can help you squeeze real value out of your brainstorming session.

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Topics: Best Practise, Brainstorming

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