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Rules for brainstorming success

Posted by Jouni Halme on 29/03/21 12:20

Ideation is critical for innovation. And when it comes to rapid ideation, nothing works better than brainstorming. The most innovative companies depend on a healthy flow of new ideas to push their innovation efforts. If you will unlock higher creativity and innovation in your enterprise, you must also be able to encourage a steady flow of ideas to tackle unique problems.

A brainstorming session is a tool that allows you quickly find plenty ideas or solutions to a problem. The ideas generated are not required to be the best or even have the highest chances of execution. The goal of the session is to find plenty ideas, which will then usually form a basis for even better solutions.

While brainstorming works best unhindered, it is also most effective when guided by simple brainstorming rules that help you make the most of the process. Here are some rules that can help you squeeze real value out of your brainstorming session.

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Best innovation blogs 2020

Posted by Jouni Halme on 13/03/20 10:50

Want to learn more about innovation

Easy to way to stay on the cutting edge of innovation is to start following some blogs. We wanted save you some time by ranking the top innovation blogs. Instead of just basing the ranking in our opinion we wanted to be more systematic. Therefore we ranked the blogs according to their performance in the following 7 criteria

  • Organic keywords: the number of keywords the site of the blog ranks for in search (source: Ubersuggest)
  • Organic monthly traffic: the total estimated traffic the site of the blog gets considering its organic keywords (source: Ubersuggest)
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Overcoming 3 common obstacles to innovation

Posted by Christoffer Winquist on 03/09/15 17:16

Have you felt that people in the company have good ideas or potential that is not being utilized? Have you struggled with how ideas should be collected and implemented? Innovation doesn’t happen just because you implement an innovation funnel or start using a tool for collecting ideas. Processes and tools are often required to support innovation, but the work of changing how people think and act remains. We will focus on three typical obstacles in innovation that companies face when seeking good concepts to implement:

  1. getting useful ideas from the organization,
  2. idea development, and
  3. a note on idea process discipline.
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11 Innovation Best Practices from BCG, strategy& and PwC

Posted by Jouni Halme on 02/06/15 13:48

You want to reinvent the world, but you do not know where to start? No worries, leading consulting companies spend big bucks to find out the silver bullets for you. Here are innovation best practices is based on the research of Boston Consulting Group, strategy& and PwC.

1. Capture Customer Insights Directly from the Customers

According to strategy& strong focus on capturing customer insights directly from customers had strong impact on financial results. Companies which capture insights directly from customers had three times the growth in operating income and twice the return on assets of industry peers that captured customer insights indirectly, as well as 65 percent higher total shareholder returns (strategy&, 2014).

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6 Reasons to Focus on Ideas Instead of Inventions

Posted by Jouni Halme on 23/03/15 11:35

Many of the clients I meet are struggling to collect enough ideas in the fuzzy front end of their innovation process. At the same time in many organization the only way to submit an idea to the organization is by submitting invention disclosure report. This is very counterproductive from the point of view of innovation.

 Do you want to know why?

1) The Bar is Raised Unnecessarily

It is widely accepted truth that in innovation quantity leads to quality. If the only way for the employees to submit their ideas is inventions, the organization is messaging that they are only looking for something unique or novel. This is again leads to smaller ideas not being submitted which affects idea quantity.

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