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September 2015 Innovation Top 5

Posted by Jouni Halme on 01/10/15 13:16

The Future of Work: Can Innovation Escape the Tyranny of the Hierarchy?

by Scott Cook in Pacific Standard

It is really difficult for ideas to survive the gauntlet of bosses in organizations. However some large companies like Toyota and Google have succeeded creating culture which does not have this problem.

Hierarchy kills innovation

Building a Design-Driven Culture

by Jennifer Kilian, Hugo Sarrazin and Hyo Yeon in McKinsey Insights

Companies are addressing the customer experience by transforming to design-driven culture. The four elements of a design-driven culture are presented.

Many CEOs Aren’t Breakthrough Innovators (and That’s OK)

by Felix Barber and Julia Bistrova in Harvard Business Review

Research suggests that in industries where breakthrough innovation is critical for growth, it is beneficial to choose a CEO with specialist background to lead innovation. However in many industries breakthrough and the specialist background of the CEO is not as important to performance.

Evaluation and Innovation

by Menno van Dijk and Laurie Kemp in InnovationManagement.se

Many think that measurement has negative effect on creativity. This thinking has led to many organizations not monitoring at all their innovation efforts. Measuring and evaluation is needed also in this context, however tracking has several adverse implications that require enlightened leadership to be mitigated properly.

The Problem with Corporate Innovation

by Jeffrey Phillips in Innovation Excellence

Corporations are expecting executives to demonstrate quickly real value in their positions. As innovation investments tend to have long pay back, they are not popular.

We hope you've enjoyed this edition of Top 5 articles. Happy innovating!

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