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October 2015 Innovation Top 5

Posted by Jouni Halme on 02/11/15 13:12

The Innovative Mindset Your Company Can’t Afford to Lose

by Simone Ahuja in Harvard Business Review

Citizen hackers are individuals with passion to solve problems which are really important for them and their loved ones. Their crowd developed solutions to real life problems can be a threat or an opportunity for corporations. When corporations review cooperation opportunities they should look for 4 key criteria.

Citizen hackers, passion for innovation

5 Innovation Clues from Patent Analytics

by Steve Pearson in LinkedIn Pulse

Patent Analysis is often considered suitable method for big corporations with the right tools and knowledge. However it is beneficial also for smaller companies as it is fast, relatively low cost and uses real data. Steve Pearson gives 5 examples of useful information revealed be the analysis.

Your Innovation Team Shouldn’t Run Like a Well-Oiled Machine

by Ron Ashkenas and Markus Spiegel in Harvard Business Review

Research suggests that teams with highly defined processes and execution plans were the least effective at achieving their goals. These most successful teams were able to adapt quickly to changes in their environment, because they were led by a set of simple rules and a clear goal. The leaders of the team need to put in place four conditions if they want encourage adaptive behavior.

How Design Thinking Uses Story and Prototyping

by Chad McAllister in Innovation Excellence

Mark Zeh, former IDEO design leader, said the design thinking is best thought of as the dance between storytelling and prototyping. Chad McAllister describes the process of design thinking and how it links with story telling and prototyping.

How Steve Jobs Inspired People to 'Dream Bigger'

by Carmine Gallo in Entrepreneur

Steve Jobs was well-known for his obsession with excellence -- small visions don’t move mountains, big dreams do. This article shares examples of ways to inspire people to dream big.

We hope you've enjoyed this edition of Top 5 articles. Happy innovating!

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