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May 2015 Top 5 Innovation Articles

Posted by Jouni Halme on 02/06/15 15:31


In the beginning of each month with put our heads together at Orchidea to select the best content that we encountered during the previous month. Here are the best articles for May 2015.

Design Thinking: a Tested Method for Creating Breakthrough Innovation

by Michael Graber in Innovation Excellence

Breakthrough innovation make major traction in the market by solving problems people didn’t know they have. The formal innovation process to address these problems is called design thinking.

The Eight Essentials of Innovation

by Marc de Jong, Nathan Marston and Erik Roth in McKinsey Quarterly

Innovation is especially hard for established big companies. McKinsey reveals the results of its multiyear study of over 300 companies, including both performance leaders and laggards. They found a set of eight essential attributes that are at every big company that’s a high performer in product, process, or business-model innovation.

How I Come Up with My Best Ideas

by Richard Branson in Kauppalehti

Richard Branson explains how the team at Virgin builds it businesses. They identify industries were the existing providers are not serving the customers properly. They develop an superior offering and attach it to the Virgin brand.

Incumbents as Attackers: Brand-Driven Innovation

by Jean-Baptiste Coumau, Victor Fabius and Thomas Meyer in McKinsey Insights & Publications

Brand extension stretches a brand into an adjacent market where its value proposition is still relevant to customers. However some companies are expanding this approach by using their brand to drive innovation in an entirely new market.

Nine Behaviors That Drive Innovation

by Jack Zenger in Forbes

Research of 60 000 leaders reveals what what other human behavior aligns with high innovation scores.


We hope you've enjoyed this edition of Top 5 Innovation Articles. Happy innovating!

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