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March 2015 Top 5 Innovation Articles

Posted by Jouni Halme on 15/04/15 12:33


In the beginning of each month with put our heads together at Orchidea to select the best innovation content that we encountered during the previous month. Here are the best articles for March 2015.

Here’s why patents are innovation’s worst enemy

by Vivek Wadhwa in The Washington Post

Patents have become the greatest inhibitor to innovation and are holding back innovation. They create disincentives to innovate and slow down innovators by allowing technology laggards and extortionists to sue them.

Getting to “Yes” for Corporate Innovation

by Steve Blank in steveblank.com

How to recognize and remove the roadblocks with "Get to Yes" program.

4 Innovation Lessons From The History Of Warfare

by Greg Satell in Forbes

History of war can teach us valuable lessons about innovation. And these lessons provide great insights for us working with innovation today

If Greece Embraces Uncertainty, Innovation Will Follow

by George Serafeim in Harvard Business Review

According to research Greece is high uncertainty-avoidance cultur. What research tells us about the the link between uncertainty, innovation and bureaucracy.

6 Simple Rules for Tapping into People's Creative Potential

by Kaihan Krippendorff in Fast Company

Gary Hamel's six rules he believes a company must address if it really want to unleash the innovative potential of people.


We hope you've enjoyed this edition of Top 5 Innovation Articles. Happy innovating!

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