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June 2015 Top 5 Innovation Articles

Posted by Orvo Kärkkäinen on 01/07/15 10:30

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In the beginning of each month with put our heads together at Orchidea to select the best content that we encountered during the previous month. Here are the best articles for June 2015.

Innovation Starts with the Heart, Not the Head

by Gary Hamel in Harvard Business Review

Gary Hamel shares the real life example of how his brother Dr. Loren Hamel turned the patient satisfaction scores of the health care provider Lakeland Health from below average to top 5 %. 

You Need an Innovation Strategy

by Gary P. Pisano in Harvard Business Review

A tight connection between business strategy and innovation is found to be key in creating high performance innovation. Gary P. Pisano lists a set of questions that a robust strategy should answer and discusses the choices that organizations must make to create their strategy.

How To Jumpstart A Stalled Corporate Culture of Innovation

by Chris Cancialosi in Forbes

Four tips for a leader that can help fuel a culture of innovation in the organization.

How Twitter Users Can Generate Better Ideas

by Salvatore Parise, Eoin Whelan and Steve Todd in MIT Sloan Management Review

New research suggests that people with a diverse network — one that exposes them to people and ideas they don’t already know — tend to generate better ideas.

From “Premium” to “Good Enough”: Frugal Innovation in the Emerging Markets

by Dr. Hans Joachim Fuchs in InnovationManagement.se

Frugal innovation means developing simplified products especially for emerging markets. Frugal products are not cheap or inferior, however they are typically simplified and qualitatively robust. This article describes how frugal products are developed successfully.

We hope you've enjoyed this edition of Top 5 Articles. Happy innovating!

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