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July 2015 Innovation Top 5

Posted by Jouni Halme on 01/08/15 14:30


In the beginning of each month with put our heads together at Orchidea and select the best content that we encountered during the previous month. Here are the best articles for July 2015.

Exponential Organizations Are The Future Of Global Business And Innovation

by Nabyl Charania in TechCrunch

Traditional organizations are linear and constrained by limited resources. They are more and more challenged by exponential organizations like Uber and Airbnb which are not facing any resource constraint and instead enjoying of resource abundance.

Measuring Innovation with Money

by Michael Graber in Innovation Excellence

These seven questions which are created by the authors of the Business Model Canvas are excellent for judging the monetary potential of breakthrough innovations.

Strategy is Innovation - Innovation is Strategy

by Stefan Lindegaard in LinkedIn Pulse

Tight linkage between innovation and business strategy is one of the best practises. Stefan Lindegaard believes a key reason for this link to be weak is that senior management does not fully understand innovation.

7 Habits of Innovative Thinkers

by Harvey Deutschendorf in Fast Company

Emotional intelligence influences significantly innovative thinking. These seven habits are commonly shared by innovative people. Everybody can develop them and become more creative.

How Communication Drives Innovation

by Greg Satell in Innovation Excellence

Many persons of great influence in the history of mankind have been great communicators. In order to innovate, you need both to create the big ideas and be able to communicate them effectively to get others on board. Greg Satell shares 4 examples of great thinkers that mastered the art of communication. 

We hope you've enjoyed this edition of Top 5 Articles. Happy innovating!

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