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August 2015 Innovation Top 5

Posted by Jouni Halme on 01/09/15 17:04

Productivity Is Soaring at Top Firms and Sluggish Everywhere Else

by Chiara Criscuolo in Harvard Business Review

OECD study shows that the gap between the globally most productive firms and the rest has been increasing over time, especially in the services sector.


To Create An Innovation Company: Focus On Culture Instead Of Cash

by Ron Ashkenas in Forbes

Ron Ashkenas summarizes the challenges and research results related to offering financial incentives for ideas. He shares as well his three tips for creating innovation-friendly culture.

Could algorithms help create a better venture capitalist?

by Kirk Kardashian in Fortune

More venture capital firms are bringing data science and consistency into their decision-making and they early results of this approach are positive.

The Perfect Storm: Why Big Companies Get Better at Innovation

by Stefan Lindegaard in LinkedIn Pulse

General thinking at the moment appears to be that big companies are successful in innovation. Stefan Lindegaard explains why he thinks this will change in the future.

Time to fix patents

The Economist

The Economist argues that the patent regime is holding innovation and back it should be reformed. The writer presents a few solution options like abolishing patents altogether or expiration of patents that have not been brought to market.

We hope you've enjoyed this edition of Top 5 articles. Happy innovating!

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